Feeling scared about giving birth is perfectly natural and especially so if it’s your first child. However, if you’re feeling overly anxious, with your fears escalating as you approach your due date, it can have an effect on your body as a whole, making the birthing process more uncomfortable than it needs to be.

Hypnobirthing allows you to be more in control by reframing the way you feel and, more importantly, connect with your baby who knows perfectly well what role is required of them to make coming into this world as comfortable as possible for you.

Although a woman’s experience of pain can vary from person to person, fear, tension and anxiety can intensify the situation. By using relaxation techniques, visualisation and positive affirmations, Hypnobirthing can become an important part of your antenatal education and a method of pain management that can be used during labour and birth.

On this one-to-one course, we will work together to prepare you for childbirth by replacing fear and thoughts of discomfort with confident and safe expectations. Both you and your partner will learn skills that instil confidence and your partner will not only learn to relax with you, but confidently act as your advocate during labour.

By the way, research has shown that hypnosis is also good for the baby!