Customised Recordings

With so many meditation recordings available online it can be difficult to find something that suits you. How many times have you started to listen to online recordings only to find that the background music, nature sounds, chimes etc are irritating and anything but relaxing? Sometimes, what you thought would be a helpful recording does not address your issues in the way you thought it would. Given these circumstances, doesn’t it make sense to have something personalised, designed around your needs and wants and allows your input to be part of the creative process? If you’re seeking to relax or reach a specific goal then I have the solution for you.

In compiling your own bespoke recording:

  • We will begin with a consultation where we look at your issues, determine your needs and goals, discussing all aspects in detail to make sure the finished product is personal to you in every way.
  • Your personal script is then created and recorded. Should you wish to have background music or other sounds, a selection of royalty free sounds will be sent to you for your selection.
  • On completion of the recording, you will have 7 days to review and make any adjustments to volume, background music or sounds.

It’s as simple as that and I look forward to hearing from you.