The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) recommends the practice of Mindfulness as a way to prevent depression. Being mindful helps us become aware of the way we think, the thoughts and feelings that we experience and allows us to recognise patterns of behaviour. Many of the thoughts that plague us are merely mental events that we can learn to recognise and control. However, the process begins with awareness and knowing who we are, how we think and why.

This meditation class uses a combination of trance state and Mindfulness for a deeper and more powerful experience. As a result, the process of self-awareness and self-knowledge helps you to stand back, recognise patterns and enables you to train yourself to notice when negative thoughts are taking over.

Also, when you respond to stress using relaxation techniques, your body rewards you by slowing your heart rate, increases blood flow to the brain, you breathe more deeply and slowly, your muscles relax and your blood pressure drops or stabilizes.

These classes are offered to both corporate and private groups, online or in person.