Claudette Förster PG Cert, BSCH (Assoc.)

My name is Claudette Förster and it is fair to say that anyone who knows me knows how passionately I believe in the body’s ability to self-heal. It is for this reason that I was drawn to Spiritual Healing and later Clinical Hypnotherapy as, among other things, both modalities deal with your mind and body’s ability to stabilize and balance. These are two vital factors on your journey towards healing.

As it has always been and remains my intention to do the very best for those I work with, I have studied and received a Certificate in Personal and Professional Development in Clinical Hypnosis (CPPD) and a Post Graduate Degree in Clinical Hypnotherapy from the London College of Clinical Hypnosis in partnership with the University of West London.

As we journey together to achieve your goals, it is important to me that you feel comfortable and safe enough to tell me all that is bothering you.  To this end, I work within a circle of trust, in a relaxed atmosphere, free of judgement and where you are encouraged to speak freely and work through your emotions.

Your journey begins here and I look forward to working with you.

YOU have all the resources within you
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Creating solutions for a healthier
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We all experience the kind of stress that motivates us and this can be a good thing, pleasurable even. However, in 2011/2012 The Health and Safety Executive Committee (HSE) reported that 428,000 people in the UK experienced work-related stress that had reached such a level, it was making them ill. That’s 40% of all work-related illnesses.

On average, depression, stress or anxiety accounted for 23 days of work-related ill health, more than musculoskeletal illnesses which accounted for an average of 16 days. Be it physical or psychological, there is now a wealth of evidence to demonstrate the biological processes that links stress to various disease states.

What does this mean for the employer?

  • You notice increased reports of stress
  • There is an increase in absenteeism
  • Staff will be lacking in motivation
  • Staff will not be reaching their full potential
  • Poor performance
  • You notice an increase in complaints and grievances
  • Individuals will become easily angered or aggressive
  • There are disputes and disaffection within the group
  • You notice an increase in staff turnover
  • There is difficulty in attracting new staff
  • You notice a rise in customer complaints and dissatisfaction

These are just some of the scenarios that can have a significant impact on business and so a pre-emptive approach to tackling the root cause is essential. Hypnotherapy helps to increase company morale and in so doing increases staff productivity. Simply put, it makes excellent financial sense.

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What is Hypnosis?

As you are neither asleep nor awake, the actual experience of being hypnotised is difficult to describe. However, all hypnotic states are characterised by an extremely pleasant state of relaxation. It is an altered state of consciousness into which you allow yourself to enter. In this way, the desired, beneficial suggestions may be given directly to your subconscious mind. It is a natural and very effective way of making contact with your inner self, in a way that allows you to access a tremendous reservoir of unrecognised potential strength and knowledge.

What is Clinical Hypnotherapy?

Although a very powerful treatment, hypnotherapy is also very relaxing. It can help you to finally control those unwanted worries, feelings, or habits. Time and again it has proven very effective in reducing overall stress and the accompanying symptoms. You are guided gently into a state of relaxation and focused attention, relaxing in such a way that your subconscious mind becomes receptive and open to positive suggestions. It is here that change and healing takes place and where your goals are achieved naturally and easily.

What can I expect?

There is an initial consultation where your requirements and goals are discussed. Your personal information is gathered which might include sleeping patterns, lifestyle information, medical symptoms, medication or any treatments involving other healthcare providers. Any questions or concerns you may have are discussed during consultation, although you are always encouraged to speak about how you feel at any point during therapy. In subsequent sessions, the practical application of clinical hypnosis begins. It is during these sessions that the work for change takes place.

Will I lose control?

No. You will not lose control. In fact, the trance state cannot be achieved without your cooperation.

How will I feel after the session?

This varies from patient to patient. You may find yourself reflecting deeply on what has taken place, you might feel a certain amount of release or the first sparks of change. Most people feel very relaxed.

Will I remember everything after the session?

You will remember everything that your subconscious mind wishes you to remember. You are always in control.

How long will I need therapy for?

Initially, I encourage 6 sessions. It is my personal goal to work with you to make the changes you want happen as quickly as possible. You will not be encouraged to stay longer than is felt necessary and you are free to stop therapy at any time. Your situation will be reviewed on a regular basis to make sure that the process is working for you.

Does everyone respond to hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis has the capacity to work for the majority of people and there is no doubt that some individuals are more susceptible to suggestions than others. The most important thing to remember is that you must be fully committed to the process and keep an open mind.

Am I unconscious during hypnosis?

No. You will be aware of everything that’s happening. You will be in a deeply relaxed state and most people find the experience very pleasant and comfortable. In fact, many are reluctant to return from the trance state and say they would have liked to have stayed there longer.

Can you force me tell you anything under hypnosis?

No, I can’t. You are always in control. If you don’t wish to speak at all, then I can’t make you.

Can you force me to do anything you want under hypnosis, like being a chicken or a dog?

This kind of thing is reserved strictly for entertainment purposes and the extroverts the entertainer selects to be a part of the show. Although celebrity hypnotists have done much to bring awareness of the skill into the mainstream, what they do has no place in serious clinical hypnotherapy. Hypnosis can reduce inhibitions but it can’t make you do anything you do not want to do.

How long does a cure produced by hypnosis actually last?

Those who are motivated towards change have the most success. Hypnosis helps to make the change process easier and more natural so that the desired changes seem effortless. If change has been made to a flawed belief system, then the cure will be permanent and last for a life-time. If only superficial changes are made, then it might only be a few days or weeks. However, this will still allow for a window of opportunity in which change can happen.

Can it do me any harm?

Hypnosis is deep relaxation with suggestions and your mind is guided to where it needs to focus. There is nothing harmful in relaxation.

How regularly will I see you?

Initially, you may decide you wish to meet on a weekly basis, but depending on improvements and how you feel, you may then choose to see me less frequently.

Is it confidential?

Absolutely! What takes place during the sessions and any personal information gathered is kept in the strictest confidence.

Where does therapy take place?

This is a London based practice. Depending on the distance, therapy can take place in the comfort of your home. Alternatively, it takes place in rooms based in Notting Hill (W2) or Brockley (SE4).

How much does it cost?

• £70.00 per hour
• £200.00 per session for “Stop Smoking” therapy.  If a 2nd session is necessary, it is free of charge
• Concessions available
• Payment is made in advance of your session

What happens if I cannot attend a session?

Please contact me as soon as possible if you are unable to attend and you will be re-scheduled for the next available slot. Any appointments cancelled with 24 hours of your appointment will not be refunded.

Can I get hypnotherapy on the NHS?

Access to hypnotherapy on the NHS is very limited. You can, of course, discuss the option with your healthcare provider, but know that it is not widely available.


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